Look Elegant and Standout in Trendy and Cheap Cardigans

Have you considered dressing up in cheap cardigans or do you find yourself confused on how to wear or match with other garments? Well, truth is that many people are yet to embrace this fashionable outfit that would go a long way in enhancing their sense of fashion. In fact, it’s a known fact that these inexpensive garments are worn by many celebrities and fashionistas who like adorning a cardigan once in a while. Not only doesn’t this make them standout from the crowd but also emphasizes their fashion sense.


A Bit about Cardigans

The Cardigan name comes from the 7th Earl of Cardigan, Major General James Thomas Brudenell who was a British officer that served in the war of Crimea. It is a light knitted sweater or vest that is buttoned from the front and can be worn either while open or closed just like you would with a replacement jacket. A cardigan comes with a V’ neck and has full sleeves (sleeveless types are commonly known as knitted vests); however, it comes with no lapels, no sleeve buttons and no chest pocket but may or may not feature two side pockets. It is a very versatile outfit that can be worn in different occasions both formal and informal, in different climates and temperatures, and also with various clothes (skirt, pants, shorts…). This is why it is at times referred to as an all-season garment.


Types of Cardigans

1. Waist-Length Cardigan: This is considered the classic cardigan and usually reaches just above the waistline.

2. Over-sized Cardigan: As the name suggests, it is much larger than the waist length and normally features a heavier material.

3. Wrap Cardigan: This cardigan doesn’t feature any front buttons and is held in place by two ends that are wrapped together

4. Boyfriend Cardigan: Has more coverage but is close-fitting and has a slimming effect

5. Belted Cardigan: Instead of buttons they come with a removable knitted belt made from same material and design

Other types include cropped, zipped, shawl-collared, stripped, open, pattered and tunic.


DO’s and DON’T of Cardigans

Finding trendy, fashionable and cheap cardigans is one thing and dressing them in the right manner is another. The following are some rules of wearing them the right way.


-Wear waist-length cardigan with high-waited skirts and flare dresses.

-Wear oversize cardigans with leggings or skinny jeans.

-Wear wraps cardigans with dark pants or jeans to flatter or elongate your figure.

-Wear boyfriend cardigans with shorts, knees or knee-length pencil skirts.



-Don’t wear waist-length cardigan with long tops because it creates a weird body shape.

-Don’t wear boyfriend cardigans with full dresses and skirts.

-Don’t wear wrap cardigans with short skirts as this creates odd proportions.

-Don’t wear over-sized cardigans with loose fitting bottoms, maxi skirts or boyfriend jean because they make you look wider.


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Barsen Inn Boutique

Barsen inn is a clothing line that deals with high fashion,quality boutique products in Georgia .The boutique goods consists of high quality fashion products like leggings, pencil skirts , cardigans and kimonos . Even though the fashion boutique is new ,it became well-known in the fashion world because of its remarkably high- fashion products. Some of its well- known clothing items are given below:

PENCIL SKIRTS : There are varieties of fashionable pencil skirts which have the best quality fabric. They consists of plain , printed ,vertical and horizontal stripes in different colors,that are suitable for formal as well as casual wear . They are created by expert designers who are qualified in fashion industry.

Since they are slim-fitting with narrow cut, the best fabric is chosen that is best for pencil skirts, to avoid any sort of fashion disasters and are worn for different occasions.

LEGGINGS: They are available in different fabrics, colors and designs and have become popular as they are worn by both men and women . They are designed under the hands of experts who have skills in manufacturing clothing goods . They are tight-fitted , ankle- length pants that are generally made of spandex , cotton and nylon . The warmer ones are generally preferred during winter.

They can be paired with large T-shirts , dress , shorts , tunics , etc . There are different designs for men and women.

CARDIGANS: They are available in plain, printed and stripe version with different colors . There are separate designs for both men and women . It is knitted and has open front . Since it is warm and comfortable to wear, it generally worn during winter season by both men and women . A new model of cardigan with no button in the front became very popular.

KIMONOS: It is a Japanese traditional garment , that is T-shaped with a straight-line robe . There are various designs for various occasions and people . Married women prefer the simpler ones while young unmarried women prefer the more stylish designs . It have different colors and pattern . It is worn by both men and women and designs differ from each other too.

It is bright, colorful and well-known all over the world for its beauty . Traditional ones are made of a single fabric called tan , while modern ones are made of fabrics like cotton , polyester , rayon and other synthetics . They are worn traditionally on special occasions like the birth of a child , marriages , and other social events. Different people wore different types of kimonos . The designs for men, married women and unmarried ones are different from each other.

Top 3 Historic Inns You Can Try During the Holidays

When you travel around or have a trip with your family or friends, you will often prepare many things days before in order to make your trip comfortable and safe. Most people tend to look at the right date before they plan to go in a trip and book the right hotel. You want to choose the best hotel with the highest quality. However, if you are one who wants to enjoy and old inn or hotel that gives a different feeling than usual ones, you can chose to stay in historic inn or hotel. There are many historic inns in the United States that you can try out. The reason why it is called an historical inn is because it has become national historic landmarks and registered in the National Trust Historic Preservation. The things about historic inns that you cannot find in other hotels are its history and how most of historic inns use properties from states and five national parks. You can continue reading to learn more about Americas great historic inns.
Beverly Hills Hotel
This one is probably the most popular one that is located in Los Angeles, California. It has become a popular icon in Tinsel town man years ago. What makes it a historic inn is mostly because how it was used to film many movies such as A Sailor-Made Man and Designing Woman. The biggest celebrity at that time, Marilyn Monroe also stayed in this hotel. It was then called a celebrity hotel because there were many celebrities like Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, John Wayne, Buster Keaton and many more who stayed there. The design of the hotel really suits the glamorous life of celebrity from olden times to now.
The Plaza Hotel
The next one is The Plaza Hotel which has become the landmark of New York since 1969. The reason why it has become a historic hotel is because how it is located in New York which known as the city of high-standard living. There were also glamorous parties that often were held in this hotel which made it become the home of wealthy family. It could be called as the representation of high class life in the 20th century. It is no different from Beverly Hills hotel that has become a place to stay some celebrities and important public figures. Some popular celebrities who stayed there were John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Yoko Ono, Liza Minnelli and many more. It was also used to be the setting of some movies such as The Great Gatsby, The Way We Were, Home Alone 2, and many others.
The Grand Hotel
Last but not least, there is Grand Hotel which is located in Michigan’s Mackinac Island. It was built in the late of 19th century. When it opened its doors for the first time, it offered summer treats for vacationers. This hotel represents vintage design and decoration that will make you feel back in time once you enter. This one is probably the least popular one compared to the previous hotels. However, it has also attracted some political figures to stay there such as Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, and George Bush. It was also used to present scenes in the movies such as Somewhere in Time and This Time for Keeps. This is why this hotel has become one of the most historic inns in America.
American is full if historic inns and hotels. Next time you plan a trip take a chance on an old charm instead of picking the norm of some chain hotel.

There is a nostalgia about an old inn

There is a nostalgia about an old inn, the history, the feel and the memories.