Top 5 Best 36-Inch Round Counter Height Tables 2021

Are you looking for a round table that can seat two to four people comfortably? Then a 36 inch round counter height table is just what you need.

Listed below, you can find my reviews of the 5 best models on the market. Check them out, compare their designs and features, and choose the one that fits your budget perfectly.

Best 36-Inch Round Counter Height Tables 2021

1. Signature Design Dining Room Table

Signature Design by Ashley Showdell Modern 36″ Round Counter Height Round Dining Table, Gray & Black

This round dining table comes in a highly practical size. It is 36 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 36 inches high. Because of its size and design, it is the perfect choice for the dining area inside your home, a small breakfast nook, etc.

Along with its practical size, this 36 round counter height table also provides a beautiful design. Its contracting finish elevates its classic shape and gives it a bit of an industrial flair. The tabletop surface is made out of durable melamine that can withstand the high demands of lasting use.

Because of its durable design, this table requires very little maintenance. It is highly resistant to spill stains and other smaller damages. To clean it properly you can simply use a dry kitchen cloth. Never use harsh cleaning agents because you might damage its surface.

Alongside this table come instructions and all tools that are required for a simple setup. This is a great thing because it means that you won’t have to purchase any additional tools. Also, the whole process will take only a few minutes of your time.


  • highly practical 36″ W x 36″ D x 36″ H size
  • beautiful design with an industrial flair
  • features a durable melamine tabletop surface
  • durable contemporary black frame
  • fits into smaller space living situations
  • requires a very low level of maintenance
  • includes instructions and tools for a simple setup

2. Signature Design Two-Tone Table

Signature Design by Ashley Centiar Mid Century Modern 40″ Round Counter Height Dining Table, Brown

This is another Signature Design table that provides beautiful design and high elegance. It features a two-tone brown tabletop surface. Thanks to this feature it will easily fit into versatile surroundings and provide your home with additional elegance.

The base of this 36 inch counter height table is entirely made out of metal material. This is a great thing because it provides it with a much higher load-bearing capacity. The metal legs are bent in triangular shapes and provide the table with a bit more rustic feel.

Note that this 36-inch round counter height table is 36.25 inches high, 40.25 inches wide and deep, and it weighs about 65 lbs. This means that you will be able to easily move it around when needed, and most importantly, it won’t take up too much of your free space.

This model also requires assembly. However, the package includes all tools and hardware you need to set it up. It also includes very simple instructions that will help you set up the table in the minimum time.


  • a beautiful two-tone tabletop surface
  • measures 40.25″ W x 40.25″ D x 36.25″ H
  • seats up to 4 people comfortably
  • comes with a highly durable bottom metal base
  • instructions, tools, and hardware come included

3. International Concepts Pedestal Table

International Concepts Round Top Adjustable Pedestal Table, Standard/Counter Height, 36-Inch

This round table features solid wood construction with a butcher block tabletop surface. It comes in natural wood color to ensure that it fits perfectly into the design of your home. You can place it inside your dining room or in a small breakfast nook.

Note that this pedestal dining table does not come with chairs. However, it is designed for use with standard height chairs. Thanks to this feature you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect chairs that will fit with the design of the table.

Compared to the rest of the models, I reviewed in this post, this table comes with a more traditional pedestal type base. Its feet also have small footpads that ensure that the table won’t scratch your floors or tiles.

Even though this 36 round counter height table provides exceptional durability, it is made only for residential use. The reason behind that is that it is entirely made out of wood which can’t meet the high demands of professional surroundings.


  • solid wood dining table with butcher block top
  • made for standard height chairs
  • pedestal base with 6-inch extensions
  • made specifically for residential use
  • not intended for commercial use

4. Ink+Ivy Clark Dining Table

Ink+Ivy Clark Dining Table Height Adjustable to Counter-Height, Round Solid Wood Sits 4 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen, Pub Style, Breakfast Nook Furniture, Pecan

This round table features a CARB P2 MDF tabletop surface that is made with oak veneer. Its legs, on the other hand, are made out of Acacia tree. The included stretcher is made out of metal material that provides the table with additional stability.

The best thing about this 36-inch round counter height table is that you can set it up either at a dining height or at a counter height. Everything you need to do is assemble its top in one of the two sets of pre-made screw holes and adjust the metal stretcher.

Just like the rest of these models, this table can also seat between two to four people comfortably. Keep in mind that the chairs don’t come included with the table. You will need to purchase them separately.

Note that you should never use harsh cleaning agents or materials to clean wooden tables. This model is no exception to that rule. Since it has a completely smooth surface you will only need a soft and dry cloth to wipe it clean.


  • CARB P2 MDF oak veneer tabletop surface
  • designed to fit versatile surroundings
  • provides different adjustable height options
  • durable metal stretcher for additional support

5. Topeakmart Round Pub Table

Topeakmart Adjustable Round Pub Table Counter Bar Height MDF Top Table 306° Swivel Bar Tables Tall Cocktail Tables Bistro Table

As opposed to the previous five models, this round table comes with a highly durable steel base. This feature provides it with much higher durability and ensures a higher load-bearing capacity. Additionally, the weight of the base anchors the table firmly to the floor.

The great thing about this 36 inch round wood table is that you can adjust its height according to your likings. Simply use the small handle beneath its tabletop surface to lift it or lower it down. It can go from a dining table to a pub table in no time.

Because of its size, this model is a great option for versatile surroundings. It will perfectly fit into your kitchen or a dining room and serve as a dining table. However, you can also use it as a coffee table inside smaller bars and pubs.

Out of all listed models, this 36 round counter height table comes at the lowest price. It costs around 70 dollars meaning that it is the perfect choice for everyone who is looking for a more affordable model that fits their budget.


  • durable stainless steel base
  • specially made for versatile use
  • features a height-adjustable design
  • a 360-degree swiveling tabletop surface
  • comes at the most affordable price

Buying guide

All 36 inch high tables for the dining room I reviewed in this post are very durable, feature a beautiful design, and provide versatile features that will make them much more enjoyable. Here are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that you find a perfect model.

Residential Vs. Commercial

All models I reviewed in this post are made for residential use. If you are looking for a model you can use in professional surroundings, a stainless steel table might be a much better choice. This is because it provides much higher durability and resistance to exterior damages.

Convenient Design

When it comes to choosing the best shape of the table, round models are a much more convenient choice than square or rectangular ones.

This is because they take up less space and can easily fit into different nooks of your home.

Size & Seating Capacity

The size of the table is what determines its seating capacity. For instance, these 36-inch models provide a very spacious tabletop surface and can seat two to four people comfortably. However, if you have a big family, you might want to check out 10 chair dining table sets.

Price To Value Ratio

Keep in mind that the price isn’t what determines the quality of the 36 inch round counter height table you like.

You can find both expensive and very affordable models that provide versatile user-friendly features you can benefit from.

Maintenance Tips

When it comes to cleaning wooden tables you should always avoid using harsh detergents. Models that come with a lacquered finish are the easiest to maintain because their top layer provides exceptional resistance to spill stains and other damages that happen due to the lasting use.


The best 36 inch round counter height table is the Signature Design Dining Room Table. It comes in a highly practical size, provides a beautiful design, and requires very little maintenance.

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