The 5 Best 48-in Extendable Dining Tables for 2021

Interested in buying a 48 extendable dining table that will take up little space and still provide a spacious tabletop surface?

Then keep reading my post!

In the next few segments, you can find my reviews of the five best models that are currently up for sale. Check them out and find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Best 48-in Extendable Dining Tables 2021

1. Carol’s Inspirations Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Solid Wood Dining Room Table | Brown and White Rectangle Kitchen Dinner Table with Eased Edge and Distressing, Extendable Table Length | Made in USA | Solid Maple no MDF

This 48-inch farmhouse table features a very spacious tabletop surface. You can use it for your family meals or larger group parties. It measures 36 x 48 inches when collapsed. By using its included leaf, you can extend it up to 64 inches.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this 48 extendable dining table features a lasting construction. It is made out of solid maple wood material that provides it with a superior level of quality, strength, durability, and stability.

You won’t have any trouble keeping this dining table clean. It features a high-quality varnish layer that provides it with high protection against scratches, spill stains, and other wear damages that occur due to long-term use.

Note that this model features a beautiful two-toned design. It has a white base with a beautiful dark brown tabletop surface. Due to this combination, it will easily fit into versatile home decors and even provide additional elegance.


  • table measures 36 x 48 inches
  • can be extended to 64 inches
  • lasting maple wood construction
  • superior strength, stability, and durability
  • a high-quality protective varnish coat
  • a beautiful two-toned color scheme
  • designed to fit into versatile home decors

2. East-West Furniture Dinner Table Set

EAST WEST FURNITURE Buckland Counter Height Rectangular Table 30 x48 inch in Black Finish

The best thing about this mode is that it comes in a 5-piece set that consists of 1 rectangle wood table and 4 matching chairs. It is the perfect setting for smaller families. At the same time, it provides a very spacious surface you can comfortably enjoy.

Keep in mind that this 48-inch rectangular dining table set features a user-friendly design. Its 12-inch extendable leaf is self-storing. Thanks to this feature you won’t have to look for additional storage space where you can keep in while the table is collapsed.

The included chairs don’t have padded seats, however, they do have ergonomically shaped backrests that provide you with the needed support. Thanks to this feature you will be able to sit in them comfortably for a much longer time.

Even though this 48 extendable dining table is not cheap, it does come at the lowest price out of all listed models. It costs a little less than 500 dollars which makes it a great choice for everyone who is running on a bit tighter budget.


  • a complete 5-piece set
  • 48/60″L, 32″W, and 30″H table
  • four 21″L, 18″W, and 38″H chairs
  • features a user-friendly design
  • 12-inch self-storage extendable leaf
  • comes at the lowest price out of listed models

3. Sunset Trading Andrews Dining Table

Sunset Trading Andrews Dining Table, Antique white with distressed chestnut top

Just like the rest of these models, this dining table also features extremely solid wood construction. It is handcrafted out of hardwood and wood veneer materials and it comes on a pedestal-type base that can support the weight you place atop it.

Without its extendable leaf, this dining table is 30 inches high and 48 inches in diameter. However, with its 18-inch extendable butterfly leaf, This table is 30 inches high, 48 inches deep, and 66 inches wide. Once extended, it can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably.

Due to its versatile style, this 48 extendable dining table will be able to complement versatile home decors for many years to come. It is a great piece that can last for many generations. You won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you can use this 48 inch round pedestal dining table for versatile purposes. Its design ensures that it will perfectly fit into your kitchens as well as a dining room. It is a great choice for both formal and informal gatherings.


  • handcrafted hardwood and wood veneer table
  • antique white with distressed chestnut top
  • features built-up tabletop edges
  • beautifully crafted bottom pedestal base
  • matching chairs available for sale separately

4. Catalina Round Extension Dining Table

The best thing about this 48 inch round extendable dining table is that it features some natural color variations. This means that if you choose to buy this model you will have a unique, one-of-a-kind model inside your home that will last for generations to come.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this 48 inch round dining table has a completely smooth finish. Thanks to this feature you won’t have to spend too much of your free time maintaining it clean. You can simply use a damp cloth to wipe its surface clean.

This is another 48 inch round dining table that has a fully coated tabletop surface. It is covered with multiple layers of high-quality varnish that prevents accidental spills from damaging the quality of the wood.

When collapsed, this table can seat up to six people comfortably. By adding its extendable leaf, you can create additional space that will allow you to seat 2 more people. Due to its simplistic design, you will easily find chairs that fit its size and design.


  • features beautiful and unique natural variations
  • sanded smooth and flush surface
  • comes with multiple coats of varnish
  • accommodates up to 6 people when collapsed
  • accommodates up to 8 people when fully extended

5. Fly YUTING Drop-Leaf Table

Fly YUTING 48-Inch Round Drop-Leaf Table Folding Removable Home Small Apartment Folding Table Multi-Function Dinner Table Simple Economy+ 4 Chairs,A

Out of all models I reviewed in this post, this dining table comes in the smallest size. It is the perfect choice for smaller apartments, studious, kitchens, dining or living rooms, etc. Due to its collapsed design, you can place it next to a wall and keep it stored away when not in use.

As opposed to the rest of the listed model, this 48 inch round dining table set features a drop leaf mechanism on both sides. When fully extended, it will provide you with a spacious 48-inch tabletop surface. It is about 18 millimeters thick and it has rounded edges that will keep your hands safe.

Included with this dining table come 4 completely foldable chairs. Their foldable design makes them extremely practical because they don’t take up any space while not in use. The best thing is that the chairs fit beneath the surface of the table, meaning, you can easily store them away.

The bottom feet of this 48 extendable dining table come on 360-degree rotating wheels that make the table much easier to move around. The wheels come with brake pads you can easily press down. By doing so, you will immobilize the wheels and ensure that your table remains in its place.


  • comes in the smallest space-saving size
  • specially designed drop-leaf mechanism
  • seats from 2 to 6 people comfortably
  • completely foldable wooden chairs
  • 360° rotating wheels with brake pads
  • the weight-bearing capacity of 250 kg

Buying guide

All of these 48 extendable dining tables are specially designed to provide you with a large tabletop surface that can seat multiple people at once, and yet take up a minimal amount of space. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind when choosing the best one.

Table Or A Set

The first thing you should think about is whether you want to buy a table or a table set. Sets include matching chairs or benches and eliminate the need for you to purchase the seating area separately.

Lasting Design

Always make sure that the model you like features durable construction and a lasting design. That way you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come and won’t have to worry about finding its replacement any time soon.

Extendable Mechanism

When it comes to buying an extendable table, you need to consider the extending mechanism it features. Some models have an extendable leaf, while others come in a somewhat smaller size and have a drop leaf mechanism.

Protective Coat

Make sure that the 48-inch kitchen table you choose to buy comes with a protective coat. That way it will have much higher resistance to all kinds of wear damages and it will be much easier to clean and maintain.

User-Friendly Features

Depending on which 48-inch extendable dining table you decide to buy, there are versatile user-friendly features you can enjoy. For instance, some models have protective footpads that keep your floors safe, rolling wheels that make them much easier to move, an additional storage space, etc.


The best 48 extendable dining table is the Carol’s Inspirations Farmhouse Table. It features a very spacious tabletop surface, has a lasting two-toned durable construction, and comes with a clear varnish coat the provides it with additional protection. Read more about the best 30-inch round dining tables and the Best 30 Inch Round Pedestal Table and find out which one suits your needs better.

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